What is Big Data ?

Big data is a field about collecting, storing, processing, extracting, and visualizing massive amounts of knowledge in order that companies can distill knowledge from it, derive valuable business insights from that knowledge.While managing such data analysis platforms different kinds of challenges such as installation and operational management, whereas dynamically allocating processing capacity to accommodate for variable load, and aggregating data from multiple sources for holistic analysis needs to be faced. …

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing is the provision of hosted services over the Internet (including software, hardware and storage). The benefits of rapid deployment, flexibility, low initial costs and scalability have made cloud computing nearly universal among organizations of all sizes, often as part of a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure / architecture.

Cloud security refers to technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect cloud data, applications and infrastructure from threats.

The Top 7 Advanced Cloud Security Challenges

Since the public cloud has no clear outline, it essentially presents a different security reality. This is even more difficult when applying modern cloud approaches such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI /…

Hiren Chafekar

I am a Web Developer pursuing my final year in B.tech Cloud Technology. I love to write about things.

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